Federico’s performance at the GWA in Morocco

“Every evening spent together with Federico was special; his ability, his likeability and his mastery of languages make his show perfect for a high-level evening, as well as for less formal events.”

Dany Stauffacher, Event Manager S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino


“Federico was engaging and… shocking!”

Michelangelo Venturo, Marketing Basler Insurance AG


“In my career I have seen many performances by young people, but I have rarely seen a natural talent like the one of Federico. His perseverance and versatility define him as an artist who can make any event a success! I highly recommend him to anyone!”

Fantasios, professional Illusionist


“Federico’s talent and skills are unquestionable! The show is intriguing, surprising, funny and leaves you flabbergasted. What is remarkable is that in addition to the pure emotion of the moment, you can’t help but think about topics such as psychology, persuasion and the power of the mind!”

Giovanni Kohler, 
Director of Ticino Kuoni Viaggi SA


“Despite being very young, Federico Soldati is already a professional artist with a technical background that can satisfy even the most demanding public in the illusion world!”

Dr. Carlo Bagliocca, Doctor and passionate magician


“We hired Federico Soldati to entertain Doctors at many gala dinners for our Clinics in Switzerland. We have been very impressed by the quality of his shows and his charisma. We would recommend him to anyone who wants an amusement out of the ordinary.”

Guy Reynard, E. & S. Director at Genolier Swiss Medical Network


“With Federico, our usual Christmas dinner was turned into a veritable festival, where he entertained an enthusiastic audience of over seventy employees. With his likeability and sublime skill, he completely entertained and amazed us, leaving us stunned, asking ourselves: “How did he manage to do that?” In short, Federico left his mark!”

Andrea Gheri, CEO Gheri Rivestimenti SA


“At our event, Federico was able to surprise and entertain more than 120 guests. His show really changed the atmosphere of the evening, making it magical in every sense. We received many compliments for weeks after the event. For our part, we hope to be able to work with him again in the future!”

Claudia Zuffi, Event Planner of Ticino Turismo


“We were lucky to be able to hire Federico as an entertainer for the 2011 HCL Christmas dinner. Needless to say, Federico’s skill literally left members of the audience with their mouths agape! His proficiency with the Rubik cube and with serial numbers is impressive, but more importantly, he leaves you flabbergasted by the simplicity with which he confronts difficult demonstrations, creating an extraordinary atmosphere!”

Claudio Foglia, Marketing & Events Hockey Club Lugano


“ Federico is brilliant and engaging. His stimulating act delighted the guests, leaving everyone amazed and speechless!”

Roberto Bernardoni, CEO of the Engineering firm Bernardoni SA


“Thanks to his fascinating and magical performance, Federico charmed the entire audience, not least because he is a witty and polished performer, ready with snappy comebacks. His show is truly one you will not soon forget.”

Avv. Giovanni Merlini, President of Patrizio Patelli Foundation


“Federico is a person who is both very nice and very professional. The shows that he has held for us always have had the most enthusiastic reception by both young and old. If you want to experience a magical, entertaining evening, contact him, because he deserves to be known and seen.”

Joel Vuigner, CEO 
Exposition Swissminiatur SA


“During our company dinner, Federico was able to entertain the audience, leaving everyone with their mouths open after every mentalism number. His spontaneous and breezy manner made the evening unforgettable!”

Fabiana Galli, General Manager Galli Immobiliare SA


“Elegant, stylish and engaging! Federico Soldati charms and captivates the audience with effects that are always surprising and reveal uncommon skill which invariably leaves the viewer in awe. Your magic show made my birthday party! Thank you, Federico!”

Patrizia Mina-Vicari, Private party


“The best magic and mentalism performance I’ve ever seen! Federico is a great young man who will go far.”

Fabio Balmelli, Director Publicitas Tessin SA


“I had the opportunity to work with Federico for a corporate event and I can say that his performance and acts of mental manipulation were incredible, leaving you breathless. Federico has the ability to enter the minds of his interlocutors, to anticipate their thoughts and influence them. He does it in such a direct and confident manner that it seems the simplest and most natural thing in the world. Watching him at work you realise that the term ‘possible’ really is relative. Federico is able to enlarge boundaries and possibilities.”

Maria Rubina Matoso, Projects Coordinator LT3 Suisse Sagl


“If mystery pulls you in and astonishes you, if ability merges with knowledge, if in one person you can appreciate exceptional gifts, both personally and professionally… then you can say that you have seen Federico. Thank you for your collaboration, your availability and all of your work on behalf of Cammin Solidal! I hope your days always will be rich in Magic!”

Yasmin Minotti, Founder of Cammin Solidal


“After working with you a number of times, we can only thank you and attest that your work always is valuable for the success of the events we organise. We will strongly recommend you to our future clients because of your professionalism, friendliness and linguistic skills that are essential in all circumstances.”

Lara Peruzzini, Manager of Catering Styl Restaurant Sagl


“We had the pleasure of booking Federico as the entertainer for our company party and the effect he had on us and on our clients was nothing short of ‘astonishing’! We will certainly do it again.”

Gianpiero Turcotti, Marketing Manager of Onys digital solutions SA


“Federico was a pleasant discovery; he knew how to involve and entertain our guests on the stage as well as among the tables. Thanks to his professionalism, his easy manner and his engaging personality, he received only positive comments! Bravissimo!”

Arlyne Copa, Account Executive Publigood SA


“Fabulous Federico! With your incredible act, you really did make our wedding special. Among other things, several girls asked for your phone number after the party!”

Dario e Fedra Kurzen, Wedding Party


“Despite our last-minute booking, Federico generously made himself available for our company dinner in time to amaze our 70 employees with almost unimaginable mental feats.”

Municipality of Coldrerio (Switzerland)


“Federico’s performance engages, amazes, teaches and illuminates the audience. We recommend him for any type of audience because his congenial presence bewitches everyone.”

Ambra e Fiona Albek, Artistic Directors of Boccadoro Foundation


“We had the privilege of being able to admire Federico’s excellence during an evening of HC Ceresio. Our guests were delighted by his professionalism, by his ability to engage the guests, but also by the simplicity and ease with which he presented his act.”

Mauro Osenda, President of HC Ceresio Association


“A Birthday Party with sixty guests of all ages and social backgrounds. With his skills as a mentalist, which I would almost call disturbing, Federico left everyone with their mouths agape. However, his greatest merit was being able to involve the guests in his act in a truly affable manner, generously responding to numerous personal requests. Federico added a priceless touch to the party. Now he is great, in fact, the greatest; soon he will be a legend!”

Marcello Mazza, Private party


“For our annual client dinner we engaged Federico for a performance before 300 people. It was an immediate success; all of our guests and employees responded enthusiastically. His numbers were (OR his act was) captivating and breathtaking! His charisma, his professionalism and his easy, engaging manner were the elements which made for an unforgettable evening!”

Luca Poloni, Director Kuoni Lugano, Filiale Sassello